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Image management

Is this your story ?

If you are an entrepreneur, an industry veteran, a budding socialite, a professional or a homemaker, how many times do you have to face questions as these ?

  1. Do I feel unnerved facing a celebrity, an eminent personality or even an interviewer ?
  2. Is my handshake just right as per the social or business protocol ?
  3. Is my conversation appropriate for business meetings, cocktails or social gatherings ?
  4. Is my emotional make-up designed for success ?
  5. Am I dressed for the occasion ?
  6. Do I look groomed or presentable at any given time ?
  7. Am I blending in the crowd, with my choice of attire, colors and even my accent ?
  8. Do I catch myself wondering if it is OK to eat pizza or dosa using my hands ?

If you also face these dilemmas often but are not sure how to deal with them, believe me its never too late to work on yourself & let others discover the real you and to ensure you portray “Just the right image”. All you need is a little inspiration and assistance to look and feel your best inside out so that people not only acknowledge but also look up to you.

To achieve this, image consultant Amarpreet Kaur welcomes the opportunity to discuss how she can add value to your persona and subsequently to your business.

You want to be called classy.