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Greetings from Toshal Infotech !
You continue to be excellent in your teaching, You have devoted a great amount of personal effort in training our associates. As one would expect, and as evaluated your teaching methods remain very high in all categories. This past 40 days was the learning days for my associates.
Lessons were given in innovative way by you for how to speak in English.
In that regard I commend you for the ways in which you have responded positively for acomplishing the 40 days successful training.
Not only English speaking, you boosted all for presenting themselves in front of public without fear. I encourage you to get more involved in the same manner. We would be eagerly waiting for the 2nd session.

Vishal Shah - HR | Operations - Head

I have just passed 7 th standard and I am 30 years old.When everyone refused me that I cannot learn to speak in English in 2-3 months ,it was only Amarpreet ma’am who assured that she can make me speak English within the stipulated time only if I am prepared to work hard. I have become more confident of my personality as a beautician.


I have attended her sessions to enhance my communication skills and develop a confident and positive personality. I was going through from stress and she always transformed all those things that brought me stress into my strength. She keeps her students happy , listens to her students and offers support at the time of need. She has always taught us to value relationships.

Pari Rana

I am a cricket lover and my mother wanted me to attend the training sessions given by ma’am. During my sessions she never asked me to give up cricket and focus more on studies instead she said that she is looking forward that I learn to manage my time in such a way that I am able to play and study both and everytime she asked me to be goal –oriented and happy. If you do what makes you happy then nothing can stop you from moving ahead in life.


I had approached ma’am as I was unable to face the interviews. I use to get very nervous and did not have appropriate answers to the questions being asked but after attending her sessions I became confident than before and had appropriate answers to the questions being asked. Her methodology of teaching is entirely different from others. She spends enough time to understand her students and prepare them appropriately. I feel so happy that now I have a job in my hand.


I had taken training for interview from ma'am and I must say it proved the best. We all can be masters at work but We need to know how to present our work through good communication and pleasant personality.I really thank her and recommend her trainings to youth as well as employees already working with good companies to get updated and upgraded

Fincare Small Finance Bank

As this was my first job,i never wanted a denial so came in touch with Amarpreet ma'am and how well she prepared me for the interview .The questions she has designed and the answers which she suggests are commendable.I became so confident that i not only got the job but am capable to pass any interview.Along with that i also want to say that she gives so much positivity through her words and actions and shapes ones personality.One more thing that i really liked is that she makes you write which makes us more organised in thoughts and expression.I would recommend her services to everyone.


we were looking for a trainer who can work on the personality development and communication of our primary staff.We came in touch with her through facebook and understood the activities she has been doing .our entire team was very pleased to have her for almost 20 days because the way she shared the facts and made complicated things in our regular lives very simple for everyone to understand.The examples she gives is of ordinary people who have done extraordinary work and excelled in their fields.She even made english grammar easy for us to understand and made us believe that if one hesitates ,he/she can never communicate in English.So,give up hesitation and challenge yourself .Forget that people are finding your errors in this language .Instead this language fears you so,.speak,practice and implement.

Shardayatan School (Surat)

We are pleased to certify that Amarpreet ma’am has conducted a workshop on wardrobe planning and management with fashion design students of first year. This workshop was useful lto first year students in the theme and wardrobe project. Wardrobe project is a part of the curriculm of first year fashion design course in collaboration with Istituto di Moda Burgo Milan Italy.

Arti Gupta (Center Head) INIFD

Amarpreet ma’am conducted a workshop for our BBA students .The session was for an hour and it was interactive. Students were active and participated with open ended questions. She showed the same enthusiasm and suggested them some techniques to focus on their career and made them understand the importance of positive attitude towards life despite of challenges.

JCI (Workshop at BBA college, Jakatnaka)

I was very excited when I got the opportunity to participate in Mrs. INDIA contest 2018.Iapproached her and felt that this is what I was looking forward to. She helped me to prepare my introduction , how to answer some specific questions , worked on my body language , dressing, accessories, make-up etc.I found solutions to all my problems under one roof.


I am a home-maker. My husband recommended me to approach ma’am as I needed to be directed for bringing a balance in my personal and professional life. I was so impressed by her positive approach. She gave me sufficient time, understood my challenges and suggested me way out of the difficulties I was facing.

Sapna Rajwadi

I feel fortunate that I met ma’am and she is giving her services on my presentation skills which will definitely promote my business. She has also conducted a workshop for my students particularly on the purpose of music and how we need to worship music so that it serves the purpose.


We are grateful to a Amarpreet ma’am for organizing a two hour motivational workshop on behalf of JCI for our students .Our students enjoyed the session thoroughly as it was interactive where they could visualize the need of effective communication skills and proper grooming for good placements.


It was an extreme pleasure to have Amarpreet ma’am for a session of two hours on the topics suggested by us i.e.” teacher as a a role-model “ and ” ownership in job”. Her way of presentation was new , interesting and based on practical experiences .Our staff of 150 teachers shared their experiences and were inspired to dream big in their profession in order to make their students dream big. We were impressed to listen to the importance of effective communication skills in making our tasks easy .We look forward to some more sessions from her which will encourage our staff and enhance their performance.

Citizen School (Jakatnaka)

Amarpreet ma’am conducted a session on branding for our students on behalf of JCI.The session was interactive which made our students learn and understand the need to have knowledge about the products ,showcasing them and maintaining the brand image . She made them understand the need to communicate effectively ,working hard and not compromising with the quality so sustain for long in the business. Our students were impressed and benefited with training given by her.

VLCC (Surat)

MRS.AMARPREET KAUR took a workshop on personality development at our school on 25th april 2017.She was very energetic and had the audience engaged.We gained helpful insights about the importance of grooming oneself and conducting oneself in the public sphere.We thank her for this opportunity.

Mrs. Ashraf

You were invigorating, highly motivating and concise in delivering the most needed development program in my organization. You were focused, very well organized and conducted the program to exceed all of our expectations! The training material you used were very appropriate, well prepared and met our needs.

Jinal Sanghavi

Amarpreet effectively communicated what was needed the most in my company. In the process, she conceptualized ideas which turned into habit for my co workers, this has not only boost productivity but also made us love what we do. Will recommend any small and medium sized enterprises like us to give her services a try.

Keval Domadia

It was a second school to me..... and according to me all should join the course,it doesn't matter if you are young or old in business or into job. It is for every one out there who needs success in there profession. As we grow and get occupied by our responsibility we intend to forget the very basic and simple concept of our life to make it worth while. This program will definitely give you an edge on your personality over other with useful tips and tricks on business and social etiquettes. Over all the program NOT ONLY CHANGES HOW PEOPLE SEE YOU BUT ALSO HOW YOU SEE THE WORLD.

Sujay Shome

Hi.. I'm Aisha and I'm a gemologist. When I approached Amarpreet mam, my confidence level was low as I always felt that I lack English communication skills. She made speak in English within a few days and made me believe that it is not only and only English that shapes our Personality , there are lot many other things besides that which plays an important role to add value to our Personality ,work , lifestyle etc. Her sessions boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself. Now I'm more expressive and impressive


My entire team would like to thank Amarpreet Kaur for her services in context to grooming , business and social etiquettes. This session made my employees sure of their actions when they represent their company for meetings , training and outside their factory premises.we are looking forward to some more services especially enhancing Communication skills. Him Metal Pvt.ltd.... Parwanu... Himachal Pradesh

Satpreet Singh

Hi I'm Farhaanaaz and I am a homemaker. I want to thank Amarpreet mam who gave me one-on-one one sessions which motivated me to adopt a healthier and groomed lifestyle which made me more confident of my personality. She encouraged me and made challenging tasks easier for me. Whether it was appropriate dressing , make up , etiquettes , presentable at home /outside, socialising, time-management etc., she made me realise the importance of these things in our daily life. I thank her for all her inputs and will recommend her services to my friends.


I am grateful to Amarpreet ma’am or bringing big transformation in my life.Iwas working as a dance teacher and was not satisfied with what I was doing .I came to her for one-on one sessions where I figured out my hidden strengths. She worked on my personality and communication skills.I take this opportunity to tell everyone that at present I am working with ICICI(UDHNA) and continue to work as a dance teacher in the evening time.


Thanks to Amarpreet ma’am for helping me in preparing for the interview at a very short notice. Iam a teacher and had a sudden call from one of the reputed institution for an interview .I did not want to loose this opportunity .I approached Amarpreet ma’am and she gave me enough of her time and good practice for facing the interview. Through this medium I want to tell everyone that I was very confident and sure of what I was speaking during the interview. Thanks for bringing this change in me and making me more confident about myself.


I have been associated with a well reputed steel industry of Gujarat since years. I was looking forward to some growth in my career. Soon I came across some good job proposals. I realized that some good companies from Dubai are going to conduct interviews in Mumbai and I have ample enough of time for preparation. She gave me regular one-on –one sessions for a few days and prepared me well for the interview. I felt more confident than before.


I have been working with textile industries since years . With the time passing by I felt that there is a need to learn some presentation skills as I had to tour across India and present my work in a different way. As there is a tough competition in the market so that gave me a serious thought to work on my presentation skills. She gave me one –on –one session and taught me power point presentation . I feel more presentable when I am at work and when I represent my company.


I approached Amarpreet ma’am after my tenth standard examinations.Iuse to spend most of my day on computers so my father asked me to join some course instead of wasting time by just playing games. On my father’s suggestion I went with my mom to meet ma’am .She asked me to work on presentation skills. Earlier , I was not convinced but as and when we started working on power –point presentation ,I was thrilled and excited as it was very challenging , interesting and at the same time my knowledge was also enhancing. I can proudly say that I did not waste my one month vacation intead utilized that time.


I am a home maker. Since years I was looking for someone who can groom me and train me on some basic etiquettes and manners to be regularly practiced at home , during gatherings ,parties etc. Amarpreet ma’am taught me regular make up and assisted me for shopping. She taught me basic shopping techniques. I feel very confident of myself and the way I conduct myself when I am in public. Thanks a lot to Amarpreet ma’am.


Conversing in English was once a biggest challenge for me .I had attended lot many spoken English classes which never worked .As I was new in surat so didn’t knew much about the city .i had a good opportunity to study in Singapore and later work there but again English and personality was a big issue. Ialways believed that because I have studied in gujurati medium school and that is the reason why I am facing this language as a challenge and to my surprise I was confident enough to converse in Engish and that too in just 40 days. She prepared me well for the interview and it is her seriousness and passion for her work that young aspiring students like me are able to give good results.


Her enthusiasm and ability to motivate our teachershas resulted in overall performance of the school.Teachers have begun to put into practice the nuances of communication skills ,body language and grooming. Our school appreciates her efforts that she has put in by being an exemplary personality for teachers.We extend our deep sense of gratitude for her sincere efforts and expertise.

Mrs. Mallik (Principal of Lokbharti School)

Amarpreet ma'am helped me and prepared a short speech in hindi for me which I was supposed to speak during an inaugural function . I did not have stage fear but always felt that I should be able to grab audience attention as long as I am on the stage. It took me 10 days of practice to finally deliver the speech. Ma’am gave her good quality time and I really felt that these one –on –one sessions are really very effective.

Mr. Lokendra

I approached Amarpreet ma’am for organizing a session for my staff (D9 COSMETIC HUB). We wanted our staff to be more responsible and to understand their role in the company more efficiently ..She made arrangements for the workshop at her office and made sure that our staff was comfortable enough to learn and overcome the challenges they face in their job. After her session we observed our staff to be presentable in their uniform , she taught them how to handle clients visiting from different age –groups ,how to sell the products and asking for sincere feeedbacks.

Dr. Ashish

It was a very refreshing session our teaching staff underwent as she intuitively touched the various facets of a teachers core responsibility as well as equal importance of appropriate grooming , dignified conduc and inter-personal communication skills.She smoothly laid out many of those finer everyday aspects which one needs to be seriously aware of as each of us is constantly under observation by the world around us at all times.

Mr. Francis Pullambra (Principal of Global Kids)

It`s good experience your way of talking and understanding matters and guide in positive way I highly appriciate your involvement.

Mr. Gaurang Desai

The seminar conducted by her provided an insight on grooming, present ability and skills to be shown by a pre-school teacher. We were satisfied with the training seminar taken by her for all our KCG teachers.

Mrs. Manisha Bardia